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Spring fever!

on March 7, 2015

Finally a sunny, 60 degree day here in Marietta! I know everyone has Spring fever, including Michael! This winter has been kind of depressing! Some people like the cold and the snow… Not me. Don’t get me wrong, things have been pretty good but not being able to go outside, take Michael on walks, run at the mountain or play tennis has really had me down. It’s so crazy how a little sunshine and warmth can impact your mood!

I’m sorry I have not updated in so long. Work has been VERY busy! And busy in a good way! Our studio had it’s best year last year and 2015 is off to a great start. We hired a new employee so on top of running the business and training clients, Mike and I have been working to get our new trainer ready as well. But I know you don’t check Caring Bridge to hear about the business. Let’s talk about Michael.

Michael started having seizures after his first brain surgery in November 2013. Before he had hydrocephalus, he never had a seizure. Since that time, he has had anywhere from 1, up to 10 seizures in a day. Over the last few months though, he has only been having seizures when he is asleep; never when he is awake. I think there is a name for this but I’m not sure what it is. The bad thing about this is that Michael can’t even take a nap or snooze and relax without being awoken by a stupid seizure. Literally, his days have looked like this: Get woken up around 7am by a seizure. Drift back to sleep only to be woken up by another seizure. He stays awake for a little while, tries to take a nap then 15 minutes into his nap….another seizure. This pattern goes on and on all day long. After a little phone tag, I was able to speak to Michael’s neurologist and he recommended another increase in his Keppra. I was a little upset by this recommendation because it seems like all we do is give meds, give meds, give meds…But he said he thought this new dose would help. We gave him his first larger dose on Wednesday morning and Wednesday was a typical day full of seizures. But then Thursday and Friday and so far today, no seizures. He is sleeping a little more than we are used to but I think that is because he can finally rest without being interuppted by a seizure! Maybe we finally found the dosage that his body needs to keep his seizures at bay? FINGERS CROSSED!

So, other than the seizures, Michael has been good. He made it through the winter without any illnesses or trips to the doctor. We are never completely in the “clear,” but I’m just so relieved that he has remained relatively healthy when so many other people tend to get sick. Some more good news – we got Michael switched over from Kaiser Insurance to Humana. He has a much better plan (even though it is a little more expensive) and will have access to more doctors and more coverage on the cost of his prescriptions. It is sad to leave his pediatrician at Kaiser because they have been with Michael since he is born and they have been so good with us and working with our team in Pittsburgh. I just hope his new Pediatrician will be as understanding and helpful. We have our introductory appointment with his new Ped this week.

One last exciting thing to announce… Miles for Mikey 5k and Fun Run is back! Many of you attended this fun event back in April of 2013 and we are so excited to be doing it again. Please save the date for Saturday May 30th at Mountain Park (same location as last year). I will have more details on how to register as we get all of the details worked out. If anyone knows of someone who would like to be a sponsor or would like to donate some goods, please reach out to me. We will need some help.

I’ve included a picture that I took of Michael in the bath a couple of days ago. I just had to share because he looks so good and cute!
Mikey in the tub


4 responses to “Spring fever!

  1. Shon Woods says:

    Thank you for the update. I have been wondering about this sweet baby. As always, praying for Michael’s peace in Jesus name.

  2. Suzanne Elsberry says:

    It is so good to hear from y’all. Thank you. Sounds like you have been very busy. I am so thankful the new dosage seems to be working for the seizures! I continue to pray for your sweet and precious boy. He is so handsome! It is good to hear the wonderful news of your business and health insurance. Those things are important. I hope the weather will cooperate and y’all can get outdoors soon. I am sure Michael would enjoy it. You are in my prayers, always.

  3. Graham says:

    So excited about Mikes For Mikey!!! My birthday gift (5/30) is to spend time with ya’ll :-)))

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