Michael Warechowski IV

Updates on our sweet Michael

Sickness update

on December 2, 2014

I just wish Michael would feel better! I would give ANYTHING to take it all away.

The antibiotics do seem to be helping but there is this constant rattle in his chest – a noise we are not used to hearing. Many MLD kids stay “junky” a lot of the time but not Michael. I am obsessed with suctioning so we are not used to him having anything in his throat or chest. His fever comes and goes but all-in-all, I do believe he is on the mend…proving to us all, once again, that he is a tough little fighter; that no matter what is thrown his way, he will beat IT! He just amazes me.

I am still recovering as well but feeling MUCH better. My ears finally popped today and I can begin to hear again! What a luxury!
Please continue to pray that Michael’s cold (or virus or infection or whatever it is!) doesn’t get any worse and that Michael is much better soon. Happy Holidays everyone.


3 responses to “Sickness update

  1. Sending prayers for better days ahead……………Proud you can hear again……….God Bless you both……..;-)

  2. Suzanne Elsberry says:

    I have been praying for the medications to help Michael. It is great to know you think he is on the mend. Will be continuing to pray for that rattle as well. I am glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the update. A day does not go by that I don’t think of your precious family.

  3. Shon Woods says:

    Praying for healing in Jesus name!

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