Michael Warechowski IV

Updates on our sweet Michael


on November 7, 2013

I just wanted to post an update about Michael’s vomiting and a few other things. Michael is still not 100% – some days he’s extra mucusy or agitated and other days very lethargic and sleepy. So everyday is a little different but one thing is for sure, he’s not feeling totally great. It could be the change in weather, maybe he picked something up from somewhere… who knows. The good thing is that he’s not too bad – we’re not concerned at this point. 

In my last journal entry I told y’all about Michael’s vomiting and although we are still not totally sure what caused it, we do think it could just be that his little tummy couldn’t handle 105ml/hr on his feeds. We made it up to 100ml hour with no problems. So to be on the safe side, we are going to keep him at 100ml/hr which still gives him two 1.5 hr. breaks a day. That’s better than being on continuous, I think. 

This might be too graphic for some of you but did you know that Michael has not pooped on his own in nearly 6 months (we have to give him an enema every 3 days)? Well last Sunday, he pooped on his own! Mike and I were so excited you’d think we had won the lottery. I don’t know why he did it that one time but I think it might have been from the CranioSacral therapy session we had last Thursday. His therapist said she some deep focus on his gut. We have noticed some other great results from the CST so we have faith that it is working. 

Beginning next week we are going to try B12 injections by the recommendation of his Naturopath. His CNP in Pittsburgh said it’s not a bad idea so we are hoping the B12 injections will help with gut motility, help him to be more alert among other things. I’ll update again when we know how they’re working.

Thanks for checking in, as always.


3 responses to “Update

  1. debbie says:

    I’m so sorry that Michael hasn’t been feeling great 😦 I know this keeps you even more on your toes than usual. I’m glad though that you both have figured out his feeds and that Michael is getting a few breaks a day. Funny about the poop and you both feeling like you won the lottery. I’m also glad the CST is showing promise and I hope the B12 shots do as well. Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted – we think of you all often! Love from the Kemps!

  2. Heidi says:

    Sending prayers to Michael & the 2 of you! You are amazing parents & Michael is so lucky to have you both.

  3. Paula says:

    God Bless – always thinking about you & what that sweet baby has to go through. I look forward to updates about his health & when you do not post for awhile it scares me.

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