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Make-a-wish Foundation sent us to the beach!

on September 15, 2013

Mike, Michael and I are recovering today from being at the beach all last week!

About a month ago, we decided to go ahead and make our wish through the Make-a-wish Foundation because we knew that the sooner we did something for Michael, the more he would enjoy it! So we sat and thought for a week or so and realized one of the only things we never did with Michael was take him to the beach. Just before he got real sick, we took him to Disney World, the zoo, the aquarium, Ruby Falls and Rock City in TN… but never to the beach. MAW did a “rush wish” and had everything planned out within about a month. We left last Saturday 9/7 and came home yesterday 9/14.

They sent us to beautiful Carrabelle, FL., which is about an hour south of Tallahassee. They put us up in a 4000 sq.ft. house right on the water. The weather was perfect and the property was absolutely beautiful. There were butterflies EVERYWHERE!! Coincidence? I think not.

Part of our wish was for friends and family to be able to come visit and spend time with Michael as well. So we had visitors all week long! (Thank you, Rachel & JP, Kristi & Charlie, Jason, Mom & Jerry, and Mom & John for taking the time to come make a once in a lifetime memory with us.) We took Micheal swimming a few times and he loved it! He hadn’t been swimming since he got sick so I was nervous but, he was so calm ,yet alert, the whole time. I’ve included a picture of Michael in the pool. We also sat on the huge screened in porch and listened to the waves, took a few rides in the golf cart, read books, snuggled, listened to music and just spent a lot of quality time with people who love him so much.

It was a very nice, relaxing trip and Michael did so good on the 7-hr drive. We are home now, back to reality and everyone is doing well.

Thank you, Tony & Leslie and Kallie for keeping an eye on the house while we were gone. And thank for to everyone who keeps bringing us dinner! We are so grateful for everyone out there. Thank you for checking in!Image


9 responses to “Make-a-wish Foundation sent us to the beach!

  1. Heather says:

    I was Thinking about you guys his morning and decided to catch up on the blog. So thankful for MAW and the trip that you were able to take. I’m sure many wonderful memories were created. Praying for all of you daily!

  2. Shon says:

    Such a blessing! Make a wish is wonderful. As always, I’m constantly praying for Michael’s peace and comfort. I pray for you, his parents as well. May God continue to watch over you and give you strength.

  3. KH says:

    He’s soooo cute.

  4. June O'Loughlin says:

    He looks so cute and chilled out in the water. So glad MAW could do this for you all.

  5. Shon says:

    Michael looks so super sweet in this picture!

  6. Heidi says:

    How nice for you all! Sweet picture!

  7. paula says:

    Michael is such an angel. Why do the children have to suffer – we all want the answer to that question. He is God’s greatest gift to you and to all of us who are following this blog.

  8. Graham Cossick says:

    Wow–that is just awesome. So happy to hear about your beach trip and how much Michael enjoyed it. What a blessing! Praying for you …

  9. Roxanne says:

    I am so glad your family got to make wonderful memories with Michael at the beach!, He is a beautiful child, and you two are very special parents, God bless your family & especially your precious son and I am so sorry he has to endure this pain and suffering…sweet dreams little Michael..

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