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Thank you!

on August 14, 2013
Well after my last post, our Guestbook blew up with sweet, thoughtful and caring messages. That’s all we needed, folks… to know you are still there. This disease makes you feel so lonely and helpless. You have no idea how much a few simple words can mean to us so please don’t hesitate to just say, “I’m thinking of you.” And hey, if you want to bring us dinner, that’s okay too! 🙂

In my last entry I mentioned that we were taking Michael to get some tests because of the hives and discomfort; because we just knew something wasn’t right. At the pediatrician’s office they tested his urine and did an x-ray of his tummy. His urine came back clear and they thought the x-ray looked clear too. So they sent us home thinking this was all a result of the steroids he was on for the hives. Well, while in the car on the way home, Michael projectile vomited all over me and himself. He remained uncomfortable all evening and around 7pm, he threw everything up again. Then I got a call from his PCP saying that the radiologist thinks his hip is dislocated. Needless to say, we left for Scottish Rite soon after. At the ER they did an x-ray of his hips and confirmed that his left one is definitely dislocated but we do not think his hip has been the cause of all of this craziness over the last 10 days. We believe his hip has been like that for some time now and found out that this is very common for MLD kids. Many of them live many years with both hips out. We finally got home from the ER at 2am last night with the conclusion that he just has a stomach bug (virus) which most likely began with the outbreak of the hives. 

Michael is still asleep (it’s 11;45 am) and we’ll let him stay that way as long as he needs. He will be on a small amount of Pedialite today and then we will start slowly reintroducing food tomorrow. Let’s hope the vomiting was the end of all this and that he is on the mend. We are all ready for more smiles!

It’s a beautiful day.  



6 responses to “Thank you!

  1. Graham Cossick says:

    So glad to hear the craziness is likely just a stomach bug… PLEASE know that you are NOT alone and that you have a network of supporters and people that are inspired by Mikey and your story, and want to help in any way possible. Some of who you know well and some you might not know as well.

    I read your entire blog earlier this year and check it regularly as we continue to keep Mikey and you guys in our prayers.

    Reading your story has greatly impacted me personally… My perspective has changed, and I have changed this year, as a father, as a husband, for the better. My family has you and Mikey to thank for that. Your blog is the only way I get updates, since I’m not of FB, but I also ask Elizabeth about your updates there since she is.

    Mikey is such a special boy–it was such an honor to get to meet him at Miles for Mikey. He is an inspiring person, and his story, your journey, are truly amazing and incredibly impactful to all who are touched by it. The love you and Mike have for Mikey–and his for you–is so evident and incredibly profound. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing that beauty with us when you can. It’s rare. And seeing it makes it a beautiful day, for all of us.

    Look for Elizabeth or myself to reach out to get a date on the calendar to bring ya’ll dinner…

    Hugs to Mikey–all the best!

    Graham Cossick

    • Wow, I never would’ve imagined that such a journey would impact people the way it has but I am so honored to be a part of it all. It all sucks but I too, have become a better person. Thank you for telling me all that, Graham. It means the world.

  2. Shon says:

    We are definitely ready for smiles. I’m keeping him and you in my prayers.

  3. Anna says:

    Glad it’s just a virus. Check your journal frequently, and keep you guys in my thoughts.

  4. Brenda says:

    Still praying for better days!

  5. Bobbi McLure says:

    You don’t know us, but we follow your posts, and I also send on news of Mikey to my extended family who are also praying for you all. I follow some other sick children I pray for as well. it seems to be a trend that if nothing’s being posted on their sites, it’s because things in life are going pretty well for all involved. We hope it’s the same for you, but we still pray and follow your news on FB. We wish comfort for Mikey and peace of mind for you and Mike. You’re very strong, even when you don’t feel like you are!

    The McLure Family

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