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We got an answer, now we just need relief!

on September 26, 2012

So yes, we did get an answer as to what was causing Michael’s extreme irritability and increased pain – PAIDs. But the new medicine isn’t working to it’s fully capacity yet. We’ve been told we have to increase at a slow rate with this new medicine (the Clonodine) so that we don’t risk Michael’s blood pressure dropping too low. Michael began taking Clonodine about 2 weeks ago and just this past Sunday we began to notice a little difference. He is still having “episodes” but not as many. We have been getting a few more smiles and even a little chuckle here and there. Michael has also begun to yawn and sneeze again – something he hasn’t done for months! It’s very cute.

We went to Scottish Rite today for Michael’s Gastric Emptying Scan. They need to see if his digestive system is still working properly – emptying things at a normal rate. Mike and I thought this was going to be a simple and quick procedure. Nope. We were there for 4 hours and we had to refrain from giving Michael any formula or meds from 12am last night until they began the scan at 11am today. So by 11am, he was tight, in pain, hungry and having some of his “episodes.” Thankfully, we’re home now and Michael is soundly sleeping off today’s drama.
So the newest obstacle we are dealing with is possible seizures. Michael has begun to have rhythmic, constant twitches and his “zoning out” has become harder to snap him out of. We are waiting on his Neurologist to call us back so we can set up an EEG. 😦
As far as how Mike and I are doing…we are hanging in there thanks to all of the wonderful people around us. We have been fortunate enough to have lots of friends and family helping us out with meals and one wonderful friend even got someone to come clean our house.
Thank you everyone out there for the donations, prayers and kind words; For the delicious meals and sweet gifts for Michael. You are all too kind and we are so grateful for all your hearts. Please forgive us if you do not receive a thank you card – we are so overwhelmed and we have gotten so many cards, it would take weeks to thank everyone. I hope everyone understands because I do wish I could personally hug and thank every one of you.
As soon as we get results from the Gastric Emptying Scan and EEG, I’ll let everyone know. Thanks for tuning in!

7 responses to “We got an answer, now we just need relief!

  1. I hope Michael’s medicine starts working ASAP so that he gets some relief & more peaceful sleep. Same for you and Mike!

  2. Sydney Smith says:

    Thinking and praying for you all.

  3. Sarah Kennington says:

    I just wanted to let you know that everyone at Red Sky is thinking about you all and praying for you. My heart breaks for you to have to go through this. We are here if you need anything!

  4. Flew Wilson says:

    Thinking of you, and sending prayers your way….

  5. Shon says:

    Thank you and thank you for the update! I pray for Michael all the time. I’m also praying that this medicine works quickly and he gets even more relief. As always I pray for his peace and comfort. God bless you and your husband!

  6. Jennifer graham says:

    Thinking and praying for you all everyday. I hope his meds start working for him very soon.

  7. Niki Patterson says:

    I pray for your sweet baby and for you everyday.

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