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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

on August 24, 2012

Here it is Friday evening and I was hoping we would have gone home yesterday. Now they are saying it might even be Sunday before we go home. The first 36 hours after surgery are the worst but he should start to feel better very soon. He’s off the morphine and only taking Adivan when really needed.

Michael did great with the Pedialite so they switched him to formula a couple of hours ago (Lina, they did take your (our) recommendation and started him with Vivonex first). Finally, Michael is getting some food. It’s not very much but yes, slow and steady wins the race.
The just have to make sure Michael is tolerating the feeds – not getting too irritated or bloated from them. We also have to make sure he poops okay (sorry to be graphic but this is my life now) and we have to learn how to do his feeds. That is why I’m thinking it may be Sunday before we go home.
As far as how we are all doing – my back and hips hurt like crazy. Mike is tired and stir-crazy. This thing they call a bed in the hospital room is more like a tiny hard couch covered in vinyl. It barely fits my big butt on it so Mike has been sleeping downstairs in a sleep room. I miss my bed and my husband next to me in it. Mike and I enjoy home cooked meals but we have been living off of cafeteria and restaurant food all week. That’s not too bad except I just don’t feel as healthy and I feel really tired.
We have had a few visitors and because Michael isn’t doing much, Mike and I have each had a chance to run home and shower and repack our bags. We didn’t anticipate being here this long. We are both tired and becoming way too familiar with this lifestyle. Melissa, I too, am still in denial. It’s how I try to focus on each day and not get too upset. When Mike ran home today, he pulled up to our house and found my mom pulling weeds in our yard and her husband mowing our lawn. Yay! It’s one less thing we need to worry about.
Mike and I appreciate the offerings of help more than we can ever say. Another mom in a position like ours used this analogy so here’s some food for thought: If you were drowning in a pool, would you want someone to say to you, “hey, let me know if you want me to come rescue you?” Or, “Do you need rescuing?” No, you’d want them to just jump in without asking. We don’t know how to ask for help .We don’t know what to ask for help with. We don’t want to burden anyone. So if you want to help out, just jump in – we won’t stop you 🙂

2 responses to “Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  1. I’m glad you have a network of supportive people around you, K! XO Sending love your way.

  2. Paula Baker says:

    I gasp for breath ever time I read one of your blogs. the three of you are part of God’s chosen ones – why? no one knows in this world but please believe that good will come from this & Michael is being held not only by you and his daddy but also by God’s angels. Having lost a little boy at 2 1/2 years I know the emotions run high and low & I almost gave up on God but i didn’t and I know one day I will be reunited with my angel.

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