Michael Warechowski IV

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Yes, the meds are working!

on August 14, 2012

Michael is happy and calm. The bacolfen must’ve taken that edge off because he is relaxed and smiling again – thank goodness!

The newest obstacle is getting Michael to fall asleep. The last few nights it has taken him an hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep. He refuses to lay on his back and when we lay him on his tummy he just flips his head from side to side, back and forth. It’s like he can’t get comfortable. We give him Melatonin and try rocking him, rubbing him, etc. but really we just have to wait on him to let go and drift off to sleep. I guess we should start putting him to bed earlier so he actually falls asleep at a normal time.
Surgery is 1 week away. Getting very nervous. This surgery will change everything. I know it will be better because he can get some nutrition but it just feel so serious to me. Keep us all in your thoughts.

One response to “Yes, the meds are working!

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Katie, Every time I read your blog it is exactly what we went through the week or two before. Reading your blog is like a mirror of our life and your pain reflects ours exactly. This disease is horrible and watching our boys suffer like this is something no parent should ever have to go through. If you haven’t seen it, our blog is http://www.oliversteam.blogspot.com.Even though we live so far away, we are close to you in heart. Love and kindness, Katie C.

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