Michael Warechowski IV

Updates on our sweet Michael


on July 27, 2012

Ok, Michael’s surgery for his g-tube and fundoplication is set for Tuesday August 21st. We have been told to expect to be in the hospital with Michael for about 2 days.

I’m still in complete shock at how horribly fast this stupid disease progresses. I HATE MLD! Michael can barely hold his head up anymore. He can barely say a word or two that is understandable. Just 1 month ago, he was talking beautifully, walking while holding our hands, standing up on his own, crawling, feeding himself… It’s all gone. In only 1 month.
Did I mention I HATE MLD?

One response to “Update

  1. Paula Baker says:

    God Bless you – my heart ache’s for Michael every time I read an update. I know God is with him and your family but darn it is so hard to accept this (even as a stranger to you) I know there is a reason for his and your suffering and my prayers are that you find peace in knowing that this is God’s plan & one day you will understand why.

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