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Moving Way too fast…

on July 3, 2012

When we were up in Pittsburgh a month ago, they warned us that once Michael started to decline, it would happen fast. Boy were they right. A month ago Michael could still walk while holding our hands. He could stand up by holding on to a chair. He could even cruise on furniture. He could still crawl, sit up by himself and speak clearly.

In just a month, he can no longer stand holding onto a chair, crawl, or sit-up for very long without support. He can only take a few steps before he wants up to pick him up. His speech is very slurred and he has a tough time holding his head up. His hands are shaky and he is struggling to feed himself.

We saw the GI doctor last week about getting the feeding tube put in. Just as we were warned, they don’t want to do the surgery right now if he can still swallow. Dr. Escolar and her team warned us that most doctors would not want to do this surgery until it is absolutely necessary. But they don’t realize that with this disease, it is necessary now while he’s healthy; while he can still safely be sedated and recover from surgery. It looks like Dr. Escolar is going to have to make a call and advocate on our behalf. I’ll let you all know what happens…

Today, we had an appointment with a Naturopathic doctor named Dr. Cardwell. He was extremely nice and supportive. I am looking forward to working with him. He is going to start Michael on dietary supplements like Omega-3, Magnesium, B-12 and CO-Q10. We are also going to try Melatonin to help him sleep. Dr. Cardwell wants to do some blood work to look at Michael’s Amino Acids, Organic Acids and see if he has any excess of toxins that could be contributing to his symptoms (besides the obvious sulfatide build up).

Most of you know Mike and I really well and you know of our passion for health. We understand the way of thinking of this Naturopathic doctor. Many people (mostly regular MD’s and Insurance Companies) think it’s dumb but just wait. We know the power of a healthy diet and we are confident that although this won’t stop or cure the disease, it could very well slow it down and alleviate some symptoms.

We’ll be starting him on his supplements tomorrow and increasing his Neurontin tonight. Let’s see how he does! Pray it all helps!


One response to “Moving Way too fast…

  1. I pray that it helps! My heart is with you guys. XO

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